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GONT - public decentralized oracle space

ALTGAS and the global ontologies (GONT)

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GONT VM containers under the hood

ALTGAS technology is widely implemented as a GONT gist.


The virtual machine container serves to guarantee ownership, and therefore, requires the implementation of redundant integrity and the ability to verify.

GONT Business architecture

Business architecture


The main “engine” in INSTAFLOW: automated creation of a series by sampling “micro-content” from a million video sketches (downloaded Instagram stories, including those that are dramatically rich).


In addition to INSTAFLOWS, FILMFLOWS contains 100+ more useful movie-making services. FILMFLOWS capitalization will be at least 10 times higher than that of the INSTAFLOW.


ALTGAS - The main platform engine for effectively connecting a huge social-network audience (millions of people).

It is a container for a large number of specialized "blockchain-type" virtual machines, confirming the ownership of any meaning within the "cinema ecosystem".

FILMFLOWS - Motivation for ordinary people in the content creation business

Motivation for ordinary people


If a person invests (resources or ideology) in creating content, then they will be much more active in watching and motivating friends to watch content.


The best consumer of content is one who is actively involved in the creation.

Traditional studios do not allow people to participate in content creation; although this trend is developing.


Every day, millions of quality videos (stories) on Instagram "burn out" and disappear. Instead, stories can be used as “fuel” for movies. The concept of ALTGAS - stories on Instagram - as an ideal Gas (the user invests their labor and cost in their creation).


We (Global ontologies - GONT - and ALTGAS Foundation) have built and posses the core technology (called “F8”), which is capable to severely enhance the security of the normal crypto-wallets and the security of the IoT systems.

APPS for a real life with ALTGAS

The whole concept is called ALTGAS (Ethereum alternative gas) - for a marketing purpose.

ALTGAS is a group of technologies to build the apps for a decentralized data market based on innovative approach of service's monetization.

Business based on GONT and AlGas technology

The ALTGAS Foundation is developing an open alternative gas ecosystem (AlGas) for many practical business models.  

AlGas-based business implies a decentralized data market and incentives for p2p exchange of any values ​​(including not purely cryptocurrency assets).

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