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GONT Business architecture

GONT Business architecture

1. INSTAFLOW (CAP target - $ 5M +)

The main “engine” in INSTAFLOW: automated creation of a series by sampling “micro-content” from a million video sketches (downloaded Instagram stories, including those that are dramatically rich).

“Equalizers of dramatic themes, and moods” are possible when creating an auto-generating series.
The engine works in the "HELPER" mode, leaving the composition and final decisions to the person.

2. FILMFLOWS (CAP goal - $ 500M +)

In addition to INSTAFLOWS, FILMFLOWS contains 100+ more useful movie-making services. FF capitalization will be at least 10 times higher than that of the IF (but you need to start small with IF).

FF contains, among other things, the production of the series "Invisible" including special effects. An urban series like Invisibles captures the city and all its’ interesting places.

3. ALTGAS (goal CAP - $ 1B +)

ALTGAS - The main platform engine for effectively connecting a huge social-network audience (millions of people). It is a container for a large number of specialized "blockchain-type" virtual machines, confirming the ownership of any meaning within the "cinema ecosystem".

A person with any investment potential - from $10 dollars to $ 100 thousand dollars and more, (as an example) will be able to find "his" Value Chain and will be able to create their own movie (or any content).

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