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FILMFLOWS - Motivation for ordinary people in the content creation business

Motivation for ordinary people


If a person invests (resources or ideology) in creating content, then they will be much more active in watching and motivating friends to watch content.


The best consumer of content is one who is actively involved in the creation.

Traditional studios do not allow people to participate in content creation; although this trend is developing.


Every day, millions of quality videos (stories) on Instagram "burn out" and disappear. Instead, stories can be used as “fuel” for movies. The concept of ALTGAS - stories on Instagram - as an ideal Gas (the user invests their labor and cost in their creation). 

Even just marking the meaning of such gas can already be a business. Therefore, any content generators will know exactly which ideas and meanings in the society are most interesting now.


FilmFlows addresses the task of motivating creativity in all people. 

How to motivate ordinary people to participate in large and small projects? 

1. - Just offer to invest in film-micro-values ​​(implementation through AlGas) 

Not just invest in the project, but in the specific values ​​used in the project and then share in the project's profit. 

2. - Motivation to create your own cinema-micro values 

For example, each person can make video sketches every day. 

Well-developed and filmed scenes can emerge, from the video sketches.


3 - Create your own virtual studio 

The user is able to become a director and producer of their own content studio. 

What can be "micro-fuel" for movies? 

All that we can formulate from ontological AlGas: 

- Ideas of conflicts and dramatic situations

- Ideas and scenes

- Interesting phrases and dialogues

- Qualitative jokes

- Interesting locations

- Interesting types of characters

- Storyboard ideas

- Documentary Records

- Unusual photos of ordinary places

- Contact persons from industry (business cards – as AlGas)

- etc. 

In other words, every person is motivated to continuously "create" and participate in the overall process of creating content.



Examples of demand from large content producers: 

Interesting content should be saturated (and even oversaturated) with a large number of meaningful (not stupid) meanings. All creative people always have a problem - where do these meanings come from? For example, teams of writers are assembled, when creating sitcoms.

What if the team mow consists of a million people? Only the machine will help streamline all the ideas, to choose those that are the best for the desired movie. 

The main question is how to create a solid and complete story from micro idea?



Helpers (AI-based) from FilmFlows will help to build a high quality story based on ontological and machine learning of millions of users' micro-ideas.In-demand ideas will then continuously receive royalties from content shows. 


Abstract idea from a photo:

Create content on the theme of "Joan of Arc”, called Joan in the arches." And from such an abstract idea, you can create a complete movie.


Is it possible to create a dramatic story and a finished movie from the passage of a girl down the corridors of a college in Cambridge? 

- FilmFlows will help to do this. Both the girl and the author of the idea and the photo will continuously receive royalties then (especially if the film becomes popular). 

FILMFLOWS SLOGAN: From any micro-idea to a finished movie, with a click of a mouse!

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