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GONT is hosting yet another a real-life project FILMFLOWS.TV in cooperation and support from the Russian Film industry

Immersive and interactive series

Modern scriptwriting does not exist to tell a story, but to sell a story.

In particular, there must be a script hook or act break before the commercial TV break so that the viewer must watch the advertisement and return to viewing the series.

I.e. TV advertising directly affects the course of history, distorting a pure scenario idea (author's statement).

Heroes are “pumped” with synthetic “interest” using artificial methods of retaining the attention of the viewer (this is actively taught in script courses). The result is such a “steroid roll”, instead of a harmonious hero (main character).

Is there anything from the word “art” in such stories? Whether such scripts have gone much further from the notorious “House-2” TV-show?

How to return the industry to organic and beautiful stories while enhancing the movie business model?

The only way out is to make the viewer the hero of the films. In this case, attention retention will increase many times.

And here immersive series from FILMFLOWS.TV will play a significant role.

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