GONT SPACE - public Oracle and Blockchain

APPS for a real life with ALTGAS

Scheme of the technological idea:

FUPE-LEGO – is a Functional-Unit + Processor-Element constructor (application dependent functional units) in a LEGO style, based on an object model.

CORE GEN – Code generator of the processor’s core instructions functionality.

ARCH Layer (VLIW, ARM, EVM, etc) – defined by a market demand (could be any).

Technology targets


- To build a bridge between the virtual machines of the Blockchains (if exists) and the real life processors (ARM, x86, etc.) for a purpose of acceleration and scalability of the real life applications.


- To cover as many real life applications as possible.


Technology ownership


The owner of CoreGEN and FUPE-LEGO is ALTGAS Foundation (currently is controlled by Hakomoto). This technology in not open sourced currently.

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