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Business based on GONT and AlGas technology

The ALTGAS Foundation is developing an open alternative gas ecosystem for a variety of practical business models.  

A business based on ALTGAS implies the presence of a decentralized data market and incentives for p2p exchange of any values ​​(including not purely cryptocurrency).

As an example, the DAD business model allows you to create such a market and offers tools to protect values ​​and sell them.

For example, a business card exchange service. Jigsaw on BlockChain service - a decentralized exchange of business cards can be implemented on the basis of DAD.

Why is such a service even needed if there is LinkedIn?

If you consider a photocopy of a business card as a long-term value (potential contact value), then together with LinkedIn it strengthens the trusted contact factology (for example, an independent check that the data in LinkedIn is not a fake).

In general, any open data is well suited for the ALTGAS-DAD business model. Including, for the purpose of their independent decentralized verification and confirmation or refutation.

FAQ: Key business models for ALTGAS

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